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Mercury GTX

The Mercury GTX comes with a cushioned seat pad and inflatable back support for extra comfort. A great touring kayak that takes apart into easily managed sections which clip together as a solo, tandem or longer if you need. Nose section fits into cockpit for compact storage.

Mercury GTX solo and tandem

Purchase Mercury GTX as solo or tandem     Purchase Mercury GTX as solo or tandem

Seat details: The Mercury GTX is fitted with a comfortable AIR seat. This has a pneumatically adjustable backrest for easy adjusting for comfort. Seat back deflates so the nose section of the kayak slides easily into the cockpit.
Seat covers are made of highly durable and comfortable, honey-comb patterned material in combination with mesh-like fabric laminated and molded over EVA foam.

The Mercury GTX keel style rudder offers greater maneuverability than most rudders and has a blade that retracts to avoid damage. For maintenance, refer to the Point65 Repair Manual

is via a large aft oval and a round forward hatch into two accessible watertight compartments for your gear.

Point65 adjustable foot pedals offer a fixed brace for optimal paddling plus a steering component. There are also cup holders.

Comfort and performance - The generous size of the comfy padded cockpit makes for easy entry and exit and fits any paddler. Add the Point 65 Point Storm or Point Ocean spray deck size XL to enjoy a dry ride even in rough conditions.

Can you Eskimo-roll the Mercury? Watch a video clip on YouTube of four paddlers rolling a 4-seater in Sweden.

Facts and figures
Length solo
                               14 feet
Length tandem                         17 feet 10 inches 
Length 3-seater (approx)           22 feet 6 inches                             
width                                         23.6 inches
Weight solo                               55 pounds
Capacity solo                             286 pounds

Weight tandem                         77 pounds
Capacity tandem                       530 pounds

Bow section length                    42 inches
Cockpit section solo                  64 inches
Cockpit extra section tandem   62 inches
Rear section length                   62 inches
(sections are slightly longer when measured apart than when joined)

Front round hatch diameter     9.5 inches
Aft hatch                                  17.6 x 10.4 inches
Rudder                                     yes
Cockpit size                              33 x 18 inches
Warranty                                  1 year

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Click to buy Ocean XL or Storm XL spray deck or Seal transport cover     Buy spray deck Storm XL or Ocean XL or Seal transport cover.

     Buy Spare Parts, Ratchet straps, buckles, bungs hatches etc.

Mercury GTX